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    Our Product Range

    is full of bugs

    Unique, microbial treatments for drains, grease traps, septic systems, compost and more

    Save your Septic

    If you have a nasty septic smell – it is not only embarrassing, it is unhealthy. Pumping the tank out will not necessarily fix the smell. Your septic smells because there is not sufficient bacteria in the tank to degrade the waste properly. Just one sachet of Flush-It® dropped into the toilet pan last thing at night once a month is the answer to your septic and drain field problem. 

    Clear drains safely

    It is not a good idea to have toxic chemicals around the house or flowing through our waterways, and it is for this reason Drain Power and Drain Clear are ahead of the pack. Both products utilise powerful good bacteria that eat through all the nasty stuff and get rid of the smell.

    Stop grease trap build up

    The smell of a grease trap is an odour that is just plain unpleasant. Biomaster has created Grease-Gone that gets rid of up to 75% of the grease and turns it to grey water. This also means that you don’t have to clean it anywhere near as often. It also lasts loads longer than simple enzyme products the bacteria actually create enzymes.

    Create richer compost faster

    Usually composting is a long process that is a lesson in patience, but not any more. Compost-It hurries the composting process and creates highly nutrious mulch. Gardeners will be seasons ahead and thank you for it. Suitable for compost tumblers, drums and heaps.

    Turn dog poo into flowers

    This product makes pet waste transform into compost and controls odors. The bacteria is selected specifically to deal with the types of matter that your pet eats.

    Add a
    Bio Bin

    Perfect for Pet waste packs and easy to put together. The flat pack is in only 2 pieces and has no screws or allen keys to get lost!

    The product is made from recycled plastic and is carbon neutral.  

    Two sachets
    per pack

    Each pack Contains two sachets of our very special bug mix.

    Two display options

    Ten packs come in one box which can sit on the shelf. There is a hole at the top of each pack if you wish to hang them up.

    Two sachets
    per pack

    Each pack contains two sachets of our very special bug mix.

    Two display options

    Each box contains ten packs. Boxes sit on the shelf or packs can be hung.

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