Biomastered Waste Solutions

    Bethel Street

    Toongabbie, NSW, 2146



    Tel: +61 4190 14323​ 


    Clean, Green & Profitable

    Unique, microbial treatments for drains, grease traps, septic systems, compost and more

    On every product except the Bio Bin

    We know it works and you will too

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    Customers will love how Biomaster products can help them:

    1. Clear blocked drains without using toxic chemicals

    2. Fix smelly septics without paying through the nose

    3. Unblock grease traps and keep them clear

    4. Create nutrient rich compost in 1/4 of the time

    5. Remove toilet smells from caravans and RV's

    6. Transform dog poo into food for a flower garden

    Thanks for your help in solving my septic drainage trench problem. I put Flush-it in the inspection tank and after six weeks it was cleared. Great product

    Kind Regards
    C Farmer.

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